In today’s world, .NET isn’t just a Microsoft software component running on Windows PCs, it’s everywhere.Developers use this framework to create applications for all sorts of devices, including smartphones, tabletsand e-readers. It’s even in the clouds, as many cloud-based platforms support .NET applications..NET trained candidates are among the most sought-out professionals in today’s competitive IT job market. Apec .net training enables the students gain expertise in this growing platform and also appeal to aspiring IT workers who want to shift from either management or coding into more comprehensive roles as leaders and visionaries.


  • Microsoft


This course is intended for everyone who would like to develop and design an enterprise solution with the help of Microsoft technologies and tools; build web as well as commerce applications

  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • System Analyst


Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
• I ntroduction to MVC
• A SP.NET – Web Forms (vs) MVC
• A dvantages and disadvantages
• L ist of Versions of ASP.NET MVC
• M VC Architecture
• C reating Controllers, Actions
• U RL Routing
• A ction Result and View Result
• V iew Bag/View Data/Temp Data
• A SPX / Razor View Engine
• V iews – Shared, Layout, Partial
• S trongly-typed views
• I ntroduction
• N eed of models
• A DO.NET Entity Framework in MVC
• I ntroduction • N eed of EF
• C reating DbContext and DbSet
• C onfiguring connection string
CodeFirst Approach
Database First Approach
Model First Approach
Scaffold Templates in MVC
• C reating Controllers and views
using scaffold
• A ction methods and Views
• I ndex, Details, Create, Edit, Delete
Bundles and Minification
• S cript Bundle (vs) Style Bundle
• I mporting Bundles
HTML Helpers
• H tml.DisplayNameFor()
• H tml.DisplayFor()
• H tml.BeginForm()
• H tml.LabelFor()
• H tml.EditorFor()
• H tml.ValidatorMessageFor()
• H tml.RadioButtonFor()
• H tml.DropDownListFor()
• H tml.ListBoxFor()
• H tml.CheckBoxFor()
• H tmlAntiForgeryToken()
Action Filters
• [ HttpPost]
• [ HttpGet]
• [ ValidationAntiForgeryToken]
• [ OutputCache]
• [ HandleError]
• [ NonAction]
• [ ActionName]
• [ Required]
• [ RegularExpression]
• [ Range]
• [ StringLength]
• [ Compare]
• [ Remote]
Data Annotations
• [ Display] • [ Datatype]
• [ DisplayFormat]
Ajax in MVC
Security in MVC
WCF and Web API in MVC