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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is one such software that is capable of producing stunning works of visual art. With the creative and technical possibilities of Adobe After Effects you can create, composite, and stylize 2D footage layers in 3D space. Adobe After Effects serves a different role depending on the user’s needs. A video editor might use After Effects more for title design, and an animator might use it for creating 2D cartoon characters. The reason why so many people have trouble defining what After Effects does is simply due to the fact that it does so many things — and does them well.

This course is suitable for professional graphic artists and other dynamic media producers who want to work in post production that involves integration of live-action footage and computer generated imagery, which have become increasingly common in films, television and commercials.

  • Visual effects designer
  • Software mixer
  • Visual effects Professional
  • Technical Director
  • Special Effects Manager

Students and aspirants having interest in Audio and Video editing.


  • Introduction to Compositing
  • Compositing Settings
  • Create motion graphics
  • Create visual effects to Text
  • Slow motion effects
  • Text selector animation
  • Sync animations to music
  • Sync visual effects to music
  • Create timely video effects
  • Animating text
  • Create camera 3d, 3d animations
  • Transform animations
  • Create animated seamless backdrop
  • Create animation presets behaviours
  • create image special effects
  • Render queue outputs
  • Prepare Footage
  • Import Footage

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