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Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash, a multimedia technology that allows Web developers to incorporate animations and interactive content into their websites. Flash was originally released by Macromedia in 1996, but later in 2005 acquired by Adobe Company. It began as a basic animation tool and a most optional plug-in for Web browsers. Today, Flash continues to be a Web standard and is included with almost all major Web browsers. As Flash animations can incorporate text and vector graphics, they typically don’t take up a lot of disk space. The contents of a Flash animation may also be compressed to further reduce the file size. This makes Flash movies load faster and save on download time because Flash is vector based whereas HTML is not.

  • Adobe Flash Designer
  • Flash Developer
  • 2d Animator 
  • Graphic Designer  

Anyone who aims to be a 2d animators, graphic designers

• Introduction to 2d
• 2d Vs 3d Animation
• Tools
-Selection, Crop, Slice, Type, Drawing
– Painting, Retouching, Navigation
– Annotation, Measurement
• Property Inspector
• Rules, Grids & Guides
• Layers, Timeline
• Frame By Frame Animation
• Motion/Shape Tweening
• Add Motion Guide
• Symbols, MovieClip/Button/Graphic
• Picture/Text Morph, Masking
• Text Effects, Cartoon Animation
• Action Script, Filters
• Flash Banners, Web Layouts
• Tite Effects, Logo animations
• Menu Bars

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