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Adobe Pagemaker

PageMaker is used to create documents with a complex layout of text and graphics, such as Brochures, Pamphlets, Newsletters, and Reports etc. PageMaker offers certain functionalities of a graphics program, and so is more suited to organizing pages compared to a word processing program (especially when including graphic images in the document). PageMaker makes your work more efficient & time more productive. Page Maker gives you better things to do with your time. PageMaker is a desktop publishing (DTP) program.

Creative minds with a strong technical interest and who are inherently good at creativity and visual communication can opt this course for a competent career in the print publishing industry.

  • DTP specialist
  • Page Layout artist
  • Editing professional

Aspirants to print media who want to create your own posters, banners, books, magazines, etc.

  • Working with PageMaker Interface
  • Using Toolbox, Control Palette
  • Page manipulation
  • Changing the appearance of the text
  • Fine-tuning the graphics and images
  • Display the page in different views
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Setting the Leading
  • Applying Paragraph specifications
  • Setting Indents & Tabs, Column guides
  • Wrapping Text
  • Import text or images
  • Printing the document

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