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Bootstrap is one of the popular CSS framework used for building responsive web sites that would customize itself to display on devices of different screen sizes. Bootstrap helps in designing an effective visual front side of the web site. Really cool web site using lots of UI and UX designs, then Bootstrap is a perfect one to choose. If you are working on a project setup with a deadline for you and your UI has to be just good enough then Bootstrap is a great option for you.

Web designers/developers who aspire for a comprehensive knowledge of Web development practices and conceptsto perform hands-on coding and understand architecture of web applications can undergo this course.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer

One who has an insight of a website and want to make it available on multiple types of devices

Introduction to Bootstrap
• Bootstrap Package
• Download and Installing Bootstrap
– File structure
– Bootstrap template
• Bootstrap Grid System
– Grid, Bootstrap Grid System
– Bootstrap Grid System
– Media Queries
• Grid Options
– Responsive Column resets
– Offset / Nested columns
– Column ordering
• Creating Layouts with Bootstrap
• Bootstrap CSS Overview
– HTML5 Doctype
– Responsive Images
– Containers
• Bootstrap Typography
– Headings, Inline sub headings
– Emphasis, Abbreviations
– Addresses, Block quotes, Lists
• Bootstrap Tables
– Basic table
– Optional table classes
– Stripped / Bordered / Hover table
– Condensed / Responsive tables
• Bootstrap Forms
– Form layout, Vertical/Basic form
– Inline / Horizontal form
– Supported form controls
– Checkboxes, Radios
– Selects, Form Control states
– Form Control Sizing, Help text
• Bootstrap Buttons
– Button Size / State
– Buttons tags
• Bootstrap Images
– img-rounded
– img-circle, img-thumbnail
• Bootstrap Helper Classes
– Close icon
– Clearfix
– Carets, Quick floats
– Center Content blocks
– Showing & hiding content
– Screen reader content
• Bootstrap Responsive utilities
– visible-xs, visible-sm
– visible-md, visible-lg
• Print Classes
– visible-print
– hidden-print
• Bootstrap Glyphicons
• Bootstrap Dropdowns
• Bootstrap Button Groups
• Bootstrap Button Dropdown
• Bootstrap input groups
• Bootstrap Navigation Elements
• Bootstrap Navbar
• Pagination
• Bootstrap Badges
• Bootstrap Alerts
• Bootstrap Progress Bars
• Bootstrap Media Object
• Bootstrap list group
• Bootstrap Panels
• Bootstrap wells
• Bootstrap Plugins Overview