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Swift Web application building is the main concern of web developers these days. Django is a best solution for them. Django is faster when compared to other web application development software. Its vast library helps in integraing databases, verified logins with security features and ofcourse scalibility.
Django is a very popular framework a lot of functionalities and makes it really enjoyable to work with these web applications. Datadot has trainers whose expertise will help in learn and implement real world problems with more ease.

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Those who look towards becoming web application developers

Introduction about Web-applications:
 What is web application
 Architecture of web application
 What are the Requirements to Design a web application

Introduction about Framework:
 What is Framework
 What are the advantages of Framework
 List of python web related Frameworks

Introduction about Django:
 What is Django
 History of Django
 What are the Features of Django
 Introduction to MVT Design pattern
 Architecture of Django

Django Environment setup:
Working with Django framework what are the pre-requisites we are needed.
 Python
 IDE’s
 Virtual Environment
 Django

Structure of the project:
 How to create a project
 Describe project structure
 How to create a application for project
 Describe application structure
 How to Run the project

 what is view
 what is Http
 what is HttpRequest
 what is HttpResponse
 what are HttpRequest methods
 what are the difference between GET( ) and Post( )
 what is csrf_token
 Types of views
 what is Function Based view
 what are the limitations in Function Based view
 what is Class Based view
 what is MIME,
 What are the available MIME types?

 what is template,
 what is variable,
 what is template tag,
 what are the available template languages,
 what is filter,
 what is the purpose of filter,
 what are the available template filters

 what is model,
 what are the available fields in model
 what is relationship,
 types of relationships
Migrations in Django:
 what is migration,
 what are the reason to create migration
 how to create migration

Django ORM:
 what is ORM,
 Performing CURD operations
 database access through managers
 what is Query Set
 what is lookup
 what are the available Django Field lookups

Django Admin:
 how to communicate Django Adminsite
 how to create our own Adminsite
 how to add our model into Django Adminsite
 how to customizing Django Adminsite
 what are the available ModelAdmin Attributes?

 why we are using cookie
 what is cookie
 how to create a cookie
 how to read the cookie
 how to delete the cookie
 what are the problems in cookie

 what is session
 what is the purpose of cookie
 how to set session
 how to read the session data
 how to delete the session data