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HTML5’s spectacular features over the older HTML4 such as more mobile friendly. It supports new elements such as drag and drop, supports audio or video specialized tags, supports JavaScript with web worker API at the background, drawing shapes like circle, triangle, rectangle etc., faster, efficient and easy for developers. The use of canvas and SVG allows to create vector graphics on a document. It uses application cache and web SQL database and web storage is used. The support to the new types of browsers makes is more flexible to the users.

This course is suitable for casual Internet users and bloggersfor learning more range from self-help books and continuing-education classes to world-class professional training. Web professionals can undergo this training to boost their skills at many levels and for a lift in their design career.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer

Beginners and HTML4 users and those having zeal to incorporate new features in the webpages

• Introduction to HTML, Web page
• Website, URL, Domain, Hosting
• Static Pages Vs Dynamic Pages
• Introduction to HTML Tags
• Text Properties, Multimedia Tags.
• Linking Tag, List Properties
• Tables, Frames & Forms
• New Media Tags( Audio, Video)
• New Markup Elements
– Address, article, base, figure
– details, header, nav, footer, section tags
• Canvas and SVG Tags; META tags
• Form Input Tags
– Email, Color, Number, Date,URL
• New Form Attributes, Web Storage
• HTML5 Geo Location, Drag & Drop