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Jquery is a light-weight JavaScript library that simplifies programming with JavaScript. Jquery supports on any common browser and lot more easy to use than the raw JavaScript. With its extensible features it also has a support to AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). Its predefined plugins help in large community development applications such as autocomplete of forms textboxes, passwords etc.

Web designers/developers who aspire for a comprehensive knowledge of Web development practices and conceptsto perform hands-on coding and understand architecture of web applications can undergo this course.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer

If you are looking for optimizing your JavaScript code to be more effective then you ought to go for this course.

Introduction to jQuery
• History, Pre Requirements
• Versions, Download & Install
• Creating First Page
• Selectors & Filters
– Basic / Hierarchical Selectors
– Basic / Attribute / Form Filters
• Traversing and Annotating
• Manipulating Page Content
– Getting and Setting Content
– Manipulating Attributes
– Creating / Inserting Content
– Wrapping, Replacing,
– Working with CSS
• CSS Manipulation
– JQuery CSS()
– Applying CSS
– Multiple CSS
– Return CSS Property
• JQuery Utilities
– Introduction, JQuery Each
– Functions, Data, Arrays
• Events
– Bind & Unbind
– Helper Functions
– Event Object, Table Events
• Effects & Animations
– Showing / Hiding Elements
– Fading / Sliding Elements
– Custom Animations, Easings
• JQuery AJAX
– Introduction, JSON Objects
– Simplified / Helpers / Handlers
– AJAX with Detail Control
• JQuery UI Library
– Overview, Installations
– UI effects, Themes
– Widgets, Interactions
• JQuery UI Plugins