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Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software. It help in designing presentations to present our ideas in an effective way for an office meetings or a seminars or project report etc. PowerPoint is equipped with concept of slide having options to create images, animations, slide transitions and of course the text formatting features. You can choose from a variety of preconfigured presentations called templates. A template is a file that is already constructed with various styles and designs applied.

This course suits everyone who learns the basics of computer operation and word processing, to carry on routine daily operations and help them land employment or advance an existing career.

  • Computer Operator
  • Office Assistant
  • Admin Assistant

One who is interested in writing titles/subtitles and create presentations.

• Introduction to Powerpoint
• Design Slides, Create Presentation
• Working with Text, Tables, Shapes
• Working with Charts, Pictures
• Custom Animation, Custom Transition
• Organizing & Formatting Slides
• Rehearse timings
• Adding Graphics, Media Clips
(eg. video, audio)
• Using Slide Master, T ypes of Views
• Review Slide Show
• Delivering the Presentation
• Distributing the Presentation