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Microsoft Word

Sometimes called WinWord, or Word, Microsoft Word is a word processor published by Microsoft. It is one of the office productivity applications included in the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft word plays a vital role in the office documentation procedures. It is featured with lot of capabilities such as spelling and grammar checking, text and image formats, table formats, table of contents and indexing, Mail merge and many more. Such features make MS Word to be most effective software for the office requirements.
Microsoft Word is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple mac OS, Android, and Apple iOS. It can also run on the Linux operating system using WINE.

This course suits everyone who learns the basics of computer operation and word processing, to carry on routine daily operations and help them land employment or advance an existing career.

  • Computer Operator
  • Office Assistant
  • Admin Assistant

Students and business entrepreneurs who want to manage text documents.

• Introduction to Word
• File – Open, Save, Close
• Backstage view, Ribbon
• Quick Access toolbar
• Create a document
• Page Setup, Page Layout
• Print Setup, Page break
• Count no. of words in a document
• Formatting text, paragraphs
• Add a heading, Clear formatting
• Add or remove text effects
• Line spacing, Paragraph spacing
• Set the default font
• Apply themes to documents
• Read documents in Word
• Show or hide formatting marks
• Proofreading a document
• Check spelling and grammar
• Find & Replace
• Look up words in the thesaurus
• Look up words in the dictionary
• Make text superscript or subscript
• Adding Pictures/WordArt
• Paragraph/Character Styles
• Bullets & Numbering
• Borders & Shading
• Footnotes and Endnotes
• Headers and Footers
• Page numbers, Date & Time
• Text Box, Screen shot
• Pictures & ClipArt
• WordArt, SmartArt graphics
• Create an organization chart
• Rotate text in a SmartArt graphic
• Add alternative text to any shape
• Add or delete a table
• Mail merge – Letters, Labels
• Compare documents
• Macros – Recording, Execution
• Tables – Drawing, Formatting
• Review tracked changes & comments
• Hyperlink, OLE
• Preview & Print Documents
• List of recently used files
• Keyboard Shortcuts