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A Database application, not a Relational Database but a NO-SQL Database meaning to say that it can perform lot more than SQL. Storing the data in a JSON like document will make it easier in managing schemas more effeciently. Its drivers integrate very quickly with many programming languages like C, C++, GO, Java, PHP, Python, and many more. One of the effective database packages used in a number of sectors such as banking, sales, pharma etc.

This course is meant for everyone who would like to visualize how information gets stored and delivered to end users and a solid understanding of the Oracle products used in professional job roles.

  • Application Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Support Analyst

Students with zeal in learn and implement databases of the latest trend.

Introduction to NoSQL
 Introduction to JSON
 Introduction to MongoDB
Why MongoDB?
 Installation & Administration
 Installing MongoDB
 MongoDB servers
– Starting and stopping
 JavaScript console
MongoDB basics
 Servers
 Databases
 Collections
 Documents / Objects
 Indexes
 Clients and drivers
 Overview and integration
Build Applications
 Introduction
 Examples and labs
 Advanced queries
 Projections
 Conditional operators
 Limit & Skip
 Aggregation and grouping
 Performance and scaling
 Master / slave
 Sharding
 Import / Export and backup strategies