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Pega, a popular Business Process Management (BPM) tool that can manage process & workflows in an organization and increase operational effeciency. We can develop cloud based applications, CRM application, Business Rule Engines, Sales and marketing applications. Pega Systems Incorporation, USA since 2001 has given its application to Banking sector, Insurance sector, Manufacturing, etc. It is a java based appication that features on less or no coding and therefore easy to learn.

  • Pega Systems Application Developer
  • Pega PRPC Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Sr. Architect

Those who look towards becoming web application developers

 About Bpm Tool introduction.
 Pega Prpc introduction.
 Brief introduction to Web applications and how it related to the Pega.
OOPs concepts.
 How Pega build on Java.
Pega PRPC:
 Guardrails rules of Pega.
 Pega terminology.
Designer Studio:
 Header  Explorer area
 Developer Toolbar
 Work Area
Data Model:
 Data Page
 Data Transform
 Property
 Property Alias
 Property Qualifier
 Edit input
 Edit Validate
 Filed Value
User Interface:
 Section
 Skin
 Portal
 Harness
 Navigation
 Paragraph
Portal Process:
 Flow
 Flow action
 Work parties
 Case Type
 Validate
Tickets Decision:
 Declaration Expression
 Decision Tree
 Decision Table
 Map Value
 When
Case Management:
 Activity
 Circumstance
 Html Organization:
 Work Basket
 Work Group
 Operator
Organization Integration:
 Breif introduction
 Soap
 Rest
Connector And Service Database Concepts:
 Brief Introduction
 Link between Properties and data table
Quires Report:
 Report Definition
Summary Overview on various Rules:
Project explanation and workshop.