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Programming with C

Customized ONLINE Classes available.

Course Name Starting Date Time Faculty Name
C Language 21-DEC-2020 12:00pm Mr.Ramesh
C Language 23-DEC-2020



C Language is one of most primitive programming languages. C form a mother language for numerous programming languages that are released after 1972. C is on of most powerful languages from those days till date making it the first step of learning and nurtured with the basic programming skills for implementions. Logic implementation being the fundamental key for the developers, C gives solutions for all walks of the IT world. Such a powerful language that can build an Operating System such Unix. An evergreen language for the programming world.

This course is meant for students or professionals to strengthen their skills in the area of programming and d evelop the technical learning and the project management skill

  • Computer Programmer

This course is useful for beginners who want to build up the programming skills and enhance their logical abilities.

Introduction to C

• S/w classification
• Evolution of C Language
• Importance of C in programming
• Features of C
Structure of a C Program
• Header files, Constants
• Keyword, Identifiers
• Primitive Data Types
• Derived Data Types
I/O Operations
• Types of I/O statements
• Formatted / Unformatted I/O
Operators (Unary & Binary)
• Arithmetic, Relational, Logical
• Assignment, Ternary/Conditional
• Increment/Decrement
• Pointer / Bitwise / Special
• Order of Evaluation
Control Statements
Conditional Statements
• Simple if..else
• Nested if..else ladder
• Goto Statement
• Break & Continue Statement
• witch..Case statement
Looping/Iterative Statements
• For, While, Do..While
• Nested loop Statements
• Importance, Classification
• Function Prototype
• Defining & Calling Function
• Function with & without arguments
• Nested calling
• Recursive Functions
• Creating own header files
Storage classes
• Automatic, Extern
• Static, Register
Working with Arrays
• Purpose for Arrays
• Types of arrays
• One / Two / Multi Dimensional
• String representation
• String Manipulation
• Declaring / Initializing a String
• String Functions
• String Formatted Specifiers
• Multiple Strings/String arrays
Structures, Unions, enum
• Introduction to structures
• Declaring a Structure
• Creating Structure variables
• Structures with Arrays
• Structures with Function
• Nested Structures
Introduction to Union
• Declaring Union
• Structures versus Unions
• Enumerations, Typedef
• Memory Concept
• Introduction to Pointers
• Operations on Pointers
• Pointer to Array
• Pointers to Structures
• Array of Pointers
• Pointer to Pointer
• Void pointers, NULL pointers
• Dangling pointers, Wild pointers
• Call by Value, Call by Reference
• Passing Pointers to Functions
• Functions returning Pointers
• Pointer to Functions
• Dynamic Memory Allocation
• < Alloc.h>, Malloc(), Calloc(),
• Realloc() & Free()
File Handling
• Importance of Runtime data & storage
• File Input, Output Operations
• Sequential File Processing
Command Line Arguments
• Handling Errors
• Global Variable errno
• perror() and strerror()
• Divide by Zero Error
Data Structures
• Importance of Data Structures
• Structured Representation
• Common operations on Data Structure
• D ata Structure Representation
• Stack Definition (LIFO)
• Application of stacks
• Operations of stack
• Stack implemented as an array
• Stack operations implemented with pointers
• Queue Definition (FIFO)
• Application of Queues
• Differences between Stacks & Queues
• Operation of Queue
• Circular / Priority / Double Ended Queue
• Q ueue implemented with Pointers
Linked List
• Advantages of Linked List over an Array
• Application of Linked List
• Types of Linked Lists
• Singly Linked Lists
• Operations on Singly Linked List
• Doubly Linked Lists
• Operations on Doubly Linked Lists
• Concept of Circular Linked Lists
• Concept of Circular Double Linked Lists
• Terminologies – Root,Leaf,Parent,Child, etc.
• Binary Trees
• Implementation of Binary Trees
• Insertion / Deletion
• Binary Search Trees
• Traversing a Binary Tree
• Pre order / In order / Post order
Sorting Techniques
• Importance of Sorting
• Selection Sort. Bubble Sort
• Insertion Sort, Merge Sort
• Quick Sort
Searching Techniques
• Why is searching done
• Type of searching
• Best suitable Search method
• Linear Search, Binary Search

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