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Shell Scripting

A shell script is a list of commands in a Unix/Linux shell which is a command line interpreter. A shell script usually has comments that describe the steps. The different operations performed by shell scripts are program execution, file manipulation and text printing. These Shell scripts are generally used for system administration activities, like taking disk backups, checking system logs, and so on. There are commonly 3 types of shells available. The Bourne Shell represented as ‘sh’, the C Shell represented as ‘csh’ and the Korn Shell represented as ‘ksh’. These are also commonly used as installation scripts for complex programs.

  • Shell Script Engineer
  • Process Data Engineer

An individual with basic Unix/Linux knowledge interested with OS programming.

• Introduction to UNIX/LINUX Operating System
• Features of UNIX
• Key Shortcuts
• Unix flavours
• File System
• Advantages and Disadvantages of Unix OS
Utility Commands
• Basic useful Unix commands
• Login related commands
• Terminal related commands
• Refering online Manual
• Displaying Message
• Disk related commands
• Control Terminal Colour and Cursor
Files and Directories
• Types of Files
• Naming convention of Files
• Wildcard Character used in Files
• Commands to manage Directories
• Create, display and delete Files
• Managing Files (cp, mv, wc, lp, etc)
• Piping, Input/Output Redirection
Handling Ordinary Files and Filters
• Splitting File Horizontally
• Splitting File vertically
• File related Commands (like paste, tee, tr, cmp, comm, diff, alias, etc)
• File Search
• Compressing and Archiving Files
• Linking Files
• Filter Commands (like grep, sort, uniq, awk, etc).
File Attributes
• Types of Users and Permissions
• Changing File Permission
• Changing File Ownership Superuser
• Switching to Superuser
• Use of umask Command
• Types of Editors (like ed, sed, gEdit, emacs, nano, vi, vim)
• Modes of the vi editor
• Screen Control & Navigation
• Saving and exit options
• Insert and Delete operation in vi
• Searching pattern, Replace/Substitute
• Copy, Paste, Move and Delete
Shell Scripting
• What is Shell Scripting?
• Types of shell
• Write and execute a Shell script file
• Running jobs in the background and foreground
• Scheduling Job (at, batch, cron, nice)
• Local and Global Variables
Shell Script operation
• Shell Arithmetic
• Basic Operators
• Arrays
• Shell Function
• Decision Making Statement
• Shell Loops & Loop Control flow, Shell case
• for loop, Shell while loop, Shell until loop
• Shell Script Programs
• Working with System calls