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Web Development

Customized ONLINE Classes available.

Course Name Starting Date Time Faculty Name
Web Development 21-DEC-2020 10:00am Mr.V.Gopi
Web Development 23-DEC-2020



You want to create an application from scratch using web technologies?
Web development training given by Datadot helps in (online and classroom) and make REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies. Effective web development tools and practices help you gain experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX and more. Our expert team of trainers guide you through development and testing easy-to-use and simple techniques. Learn how to create complex HTML forms with validations, portfolio sites, landing pages etc.

Web designers/developers who aspire for a comprehensive knowledge of Web development practices and conceptsto perform hands-on coding and understand architecture of web applications can undergo this course.
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Programme

Aspirant with zero knowledge in web but willing to become a web developer.

Introduction to Web Programming
• Introduction to HTML, Web page
• Website, URL, Domain, Hosting
• Static Pages Vs Dynamic Pages
• Introduction to HTML Tags
• Text Properties, Multimedia Tags.
• Linking Tag, List Properties
• Tables, Frames & Forms
• New Media Tags( Audio, Video)
• New Markup Elements
– Address, article, base, figure
– details, header, nav, footer, section tags
• Canvas and SVG Tags; META tags
• Form Input Tags
– Email, Color, Number, Date,URL
• New Form Attributes, Web Storage
• HTML5 Geo Location, Drag & Drop

• Style Sheets, Syntax
• Background Properties
• Text Properties, List Properties
• Hyperlink Tag Properties
• Psuedo Classes, Psuedo Elements
• Colors, Gradients
• Multi Column Layout, Media Queries
• Shadow Effects, Border Properties
• Transformation ( 2D , 3D)
• Transitions, Animations

• Introduction, Uses, Syntax
• Variables, Operators
• Conditions, Loops, Switch
• Functions ( String , Date, Math )
• User Defined Functions
• Browser Compatibility
• Events, Cookies, Dialog Boxes.
• Page Redirection, Form Validation
• Error Handling, Regular Expressions

• Introduction, Importance of PHP
• Web Architecture, Web Server
• Install & Configure – PHP, Apache
• Data types, Variables, Operators
• Tags, Comments, PHP.ini settings
• Constants – Magic, Pre/User defined
• Conditional Statements
• Loops, Functions
• Recursive functions, String functions
• Include & Require statements
• Date, Time, Math
• Arrays, Types, Array functions
• PHP Forms, Form submit
• Get & Post methods

• Regular Expressions (Validations)
– Textboxes, Email, Password
– Date, Phone, Zipcodes
– Custom regular expressions
• Sessions, Variables, Session ID
– Create/Retrieve/Destroy session
• Cookies, Types of Cookies
– Create/Retrieve/Delete cookies
• Exception Handling
– Try, Throw, Catch
• CRUD – Create/Read/Update/Delete
• Upload/View/Download files
• Pagination
• User Registration • Send Emails
• Authenticate users with PHP/HTTP
• Introduction to Web Services

• Introduction, Installation
• Administration
• PHP Syntax, Connection
• Create/Drop/Select Database
• Data types, Create/Drop tables
• Query – Insert/Select/Update/Delete
• Where/Like Clause, Sort, Join
• NULL Values, Regexps
• Alter command
• Transactions
• Indexes, Sequences
• Temporary/Clone Tables
• Database Export/ Import

• DOM, XML Formats
• HTTP Requests
• Links with Ajax
• Dynamic Forms

• Introduction to Joomla
• Installation, Configuration
• Templates, Article Manager
• Plug-ins, Menus, Modules
• Components , Banners
• User Management
• Creating Contact

• Introduction, jQuery Elements
• I D selector, Class selector
• Declaring Button/Fade actions
• Fade actions Properties
• Declaring Slide actions
• Slide actions Properties
• Declaring Load Method actions
• Load Method actions Properties
• Declaring Slideshow images
• Animation Properties
• Declaring Text Effects
• Text Effects Properties
• CSS properties
• Creating Web Gallery

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