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Wings Accounting software is surely one of the best bookkeeping solutions for business owners across India. It systematically improves the way finances are handled in organizations. Wings accounting is widely used and also recommended for its easy user interface. The software offers a streamlined access to the menu and work seamlessly. Business owners are even allowed to customize the solution as per their necessities. They can make required customizations in the dashboard to generate controlled results. Wings Accounting offers industry grade accounting features for business owners. One of them is automated adjustment of GST rates. The accounting solution automatically adjusts the GST rates in the system whenever new tax percentage is rolled out by the government. Business owners are enabled to add additional cess according to the state government guidelines too. The software allows users to configure the accounting solution according to their requirements, like maintaining menu according to preferences.

  • Book keeper
  • Financial Accountant

Students and business entrepreneurs who want to manage accounting on a digital media.

• Introduction to Wings
• Chart of Accounts, Undergroups
• Company Creation
• Create Ledgers/Groups
• Payment/Receipt/Contra vouchers
• Cash/Bank book
– Single/Double/Triple
• Create Stock Items/Groups
• Purchase/Sales voucher
• Final Accounts, Year End process
• Adjustments
• Trial Balance, Trading A/c
• Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet
• Excise Duty, Sales Tax
• Introduction to EX NGN
• Cash / Bank Book
• Final Accounts
• Inventory
• Introduction to Goodwill
• Cash / Bank Book
• Final Accounts
• Introduction to Busy
• Cash / Bank Book
• Final Accounts
• Inventory
• Introduction to Money
• Cash / Bank Book